6 Sex Myths Debunked

All six of the six sex myths listed below can be debunked easily with a little common sense. Make certain that you take these to heart because they will help you have safer sex, enjoy sex, and relax when preparing for sex. You need to know how the opposite sex, or the same sex, works, and it is smart to think about these things before you ever go to bed with anyone.

All Men Love Sex

Not all men love sex, and there are some men who just do not want to have sex all that much. They might not have the same libido as their partners, and women should not assume that their mates will be all over them. Women usually get confused by this because they assume all men want sex all the time. It is better to ask men ab out how much they want sex because not all of them want to have sex at the same rate as others.

This sort of myth causes problems for many men who are living under the specter of toxic masculinity. Men who are expected to perform have problems because they cannot keep up with the partners. Their partners might be rude to them because they expect them to perform masculinity, and that causes mental anguish for men who feel this way.

All Women Hate Sex

There are plenty of women who love sex, and they take advantage of that as much as they can. Some women have a much higher libido than their mates, and they need to be given respect because they are simply interested in having sex as much as men are supposed to. If these women are given the chance to express themselves sexually, they are much happier and feel more free to be themselves.

BDSM Is Terrifying

BDSM is not terrifying as long as it is consensual. There are many people who think that BDSM has to be non consensual in order to be exciting. Everyone has their own limits, and they need to talk to their partners about BDSM before doing anything. People can get it confused with something like Fifty Shades of Grey, and that is the only time they would get hurt. Planned and consensual BDSM is not dangerous, and BDSM should remain consensual and be planned for each encounter. Men do not plan BDSM in many cases, and that scares women. This is where the myth comes from, and it should be checked by all couples who start playing in this way.

Women Cannot Be Racy And Respectable

Women can dress however they want and still be respectable members of the community. A woman who likes to show skin or wear tight clothes must be respected like any other person. She might have a job as a sex worker, and she should still get the respect of people around her. A woman who works at a place like Hooters does not give up her right to be respectable, and a girl who likes to dress sexy for a night out with her boyfriend is not suddenly prey for other men at the bar.

Men Have No Stamina

Not all men lack stamina, and it is possible that they are having just as much fun as their female counterparts. The women who say that their men do not have stamina might move too fast in the bedroom, and it is possible that the man has a disorder that causes him to lose stamina. Men who have good stamina are patient, and they tend to have a lot of foreplay with their partners to prolong their sexual encounters. 

Prostitutes Are All Women And Feel Safe

Not all prostitutes are women, and it is possible that the men who are doing the same job feel just as badly about it as their female counterparts do. Not all people who work as prostitutes are in the job because they like it, and there are some people who do this because it is their only. Way to take care of themselves or their families. The prostitutes that are doing these jobs do not always feel safe because they are meeting unsafe people that they do not know.


The sex that people have is usually had under some very bad circumstances. The best part of this for people reading is they become much more aware of how they have sex, approach sex, or see other people. People who have perspective on sex are much safer, and they treat their partners much better.