7 Things to do While Waiting For a Plane

In the airport, you would think you are limited to how you spend your time waiting to board an airplane. There are more than are few things you can do to entertain yourself while you wait. If you like shopping, you can visit the various shops. You may be a wiz with the camera phone, and it would be great time maybe take a few selfies. Rest and sleep are good past times in an airport when you have nothing but time. You can catch up on your reading. If your wait for the plane is long enough, you could easily go outside and checkout the area or city. It would be good time to meet new people; therefore, you can start new conversations. You can visit the various airport lounges.

Shopping in the airport can be fun. When you have a long layover, the kiosk and little shops can be quite entertaining. You will find plenty of stores around the airport. The pricing may not be too reasonable, but it helps you take your mind off of time you spend waiting. It may generate a few gift ideas by looking at he various products in stores. You may have friends who want gift from places you have traveled, you could buy item from the kiosks in the airport. You may not want to window shop, but if you like taking pictures then you break out the camera.

Taking pictures, it is a great way to pass the time. The selfie is here to stay and you can take number of selfies to capture moments. You make the time more fun and you have captured some of the fun on your phone. You can get creative with your phone camera. With the permission of people, you can take pictures of your new friends. As you walk around, you can take pictures of the different places you visit in the airport. You can use the downtime to create videos instead of taking pictures. The video will provide you a step-by-step account of your day in the airport. The use of video could wear down battery; therefore, you should be careful. If you do not want take pictures, you can easily create a video chat with a friend or friends. You may not want use the camera, instead you want to rest.

Sleeping is always a good way to pass time as you wait for your flight. If you plan to sleep and you are traveling alone, you will want to set an alarm on your phone or watch. You do not want to oversleep and miss your flight. A good pillow to support your head. Headphones or earplugs helps you listen to some relaxing music. It is important to set your alarm prior to going to sleep. You may want to set the alarm for about 30 minutes before you expect the plane arrives. Your rest is very important; however, you may not want to risk oversleeping and missing your flight. You could get a nice book or magazine and read.

Reading is another great way to wait for your flight. If you enjoy reading, you get the chance to grab a magazine or book and get lost in the pages. With a smartphone, you could easily select a topic via a search engine and find interesting articles. Interesting articles can easily keep you entertained for the duration of your short stay in the airport. You could visit one of the stores and if you are extra frugal, you could read a magazine in the store. There are plenty of ways to find material to read in the airport. You may have brought a favorite book from home to read as you wait. Reading may not be how you want to spend your time waiting; therefore, you could go sightseeing.

You can sight see. If you have a very long wait, you could leave the airport go checkout some of the city near the airport. It is very important that you are able to get back in time for your flight. You want to schedule enough time to enjoy the sights and not worry about missing your flight. You could play it safe by just walking around the airport and see different things available. By walking around, you get the chance to meet new people.

You can meet new people while waiting for your plane. If you like starting up a conversation, you can find people who willing to talk. You many not want to share too much, but a good friendly conversation is good to help you pass your time. You may even want to exchange social media information if you get really comfortable with your new friends. A good place to meet people are in the airport lounges.

Airport lounges are good place to relax and have a drink. You may be able to checkout a sports event on the lounge’s television. There will be times that a membership requirement must be met to gain access to a lounge. You should take advantage of it. People like to relax in the lounge and it could mean there will be great conversations for people who likes to talk.