Ways To Get To Speed On Fashion

Fashion changes everyday, trends are out of date then up to date of a blink of an eye. Experience with fashion is like an experiment rather, vintage is so in but in the next few years it might be outdated again. To keep up with these fashions trends can be a headache but totally worth it if you want to be the envy of all your friends. To be the queen and stay on top of the rollercoaster of trends you must find a solution. Let’s look at our first solution, ah yes who does everyone look up too and want to dress up as? Did you figure it out yet? Yes celebrities, celebrities are always creating trends and know all the latest fashions. Celebrities will always put you on top of the trending fashion chart, if there’s even such thing .
Number Two of my solution to get your brain on the radar of the latest trend is, blogs. finding the right blog is always good to stay on top, either your using your phone, tablet or whatever your using its good to follow a good blog. Blogs are also good for finding links to sites to shop with. Now that we passed celebrities and blogs it’s time to move on, when your in just about any store(especially grocery store) what do you see when your getting ready to check out? Ah-ha, the latest fashion magazine, now magazines are also awesome to stay tip top of your future closet. Magazines are a great necessity most fashion magazines also have great advertising for popular stores to purchase the product.
Now my other advice on how to find trends is yes the one and only Instagram. Now Instagram is my lifesaver and I am going to tell you why. Instagram has been home for trends and fashion you can find mostly anything through hashtags or a simple word and just search. Instagram always so the latest trend so you will not be disappointed. Fashion will always be around for all eternity so these tips will help you in the long way. If you thought I was done here I’m not I have more tips and tricks to speed up your fashion sense. Believe me we have a long way to go, if you thought blogs and magazines was the only thing I have more for you. Now this idea sounds a little more creative but it works, anything in your closet that you don’t wear can be recycled into something you can wear. It’s called DIY its very common for this day in time from YouTube videos to google search you can make anything and everything and the cheap way to do it too. Making your own unique fashion statement could create a trend, different is always good.
Since vintage is always coming back it maybe a good excuse to go to your local thrift store. Thrift stores are always good necessity to find different items and of course vintage products. There are also online thrift stores selling brand name items. The fun fact about thrift store is that there extremely cheap witch is a good thing. You can buy a pair of jeans for a low price of 4 dollars verses going to a retail store finding the same exact jeans for 35 dollars. So stop buy your local thrift store you will save a lot of cash.
Another way to stay up and ready on fashion is asking for advice from you friends, at least of your friends knows all the latest fashion and gladly share their experience and shopping journey with you. Friends are also great for going shopping with you, trying on stuff and ask them to get a judgmental reaction and can be very helpful to go shopping with your friends. What if you would of went alone shopping? You could of made the worse shopping trip of your life if your friends did not join along with you. Another solution for staying up on top is asking a salesperson “what’s in”. Believe me asking is better than not asking, they are experience in these type of things.
Last but not least editing your wardrobe, now I know it’s hard to let go of something you had your eternally life but let’s just be honest, do you really wear this thing? The best thing to do is edit your closet throw out the old and put in the new. Hoped you enjoyed these tips happy shopping.